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About the blog:

I started this blog as a simple journal for myself– to keep track of all my adventures in the kitchen.  Eventually when friends starting asking me about my recipes, I decided to share this site.

In April of 2012, I started the low FODMAP diet to manage my IBS.  You can read more about that here.

I try to find recipes that I can easily adapt into my low FODMAP diet.  But occasionally, the foodie in me takes over and I splurge on something delicious.

On my blog you’ll find recipes I’ve made up on my own, and recipes I’ve adapted from someone else.  Sometimes I share favorite go-to recipes that I cook all the time, and sometimes I share recipes that I haven’t even attempted myself.  Please let me know if you try something & hate it or love it!

More about me:

I am 26 years old, living in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my husband Kyle.  We don’t have any kiddos yet, but hopefully will someday!

I wouldn’t be able to explain much about who I am without first starting with my faith.  I am a follower of Jesus, and thankfully, can’t remember a day of my life when I didn’t know Him personally as my Savior and Lord.  But it was during my four years in college that I finally understood clearly what it meant to have a relationship with God.

I also have the best job in the world (hehe).  I get to spend the best hours of my day talking to young adult college students about Jesus.  Kyle and I are full-time field missionaries with Cru and we even get to work at our Alma Mater, the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!).  I love sharing the gospel with young women, and helping them grow in their relationship with God!  (Ask me more about this anytime).

Other little facts…

Kyle and I both grew up in Metro Detroit, which makes visiting family really easy.  We met while students at U of M, and we got married in May of 2009.  We have been working with Cru since 2008.  We bought our first house in Ann Arbor in August of 2011.

I love to bake, cook, craft, sew, and “figure stuff out.”  I’m a problem solver by nature, and I love to learn new, practical things.  My grandma is 100% Italian (Roman), so even though I am only 25%, I am really snobby about Italian food and I LOVE to cook.  (Yes, I do really, really miss white pasta & sauce on low-fodmap!  …secret: sometimes I cheat)

I love Michigan Football, even though I was raised in a Michigan State family. (The picture is during the UM Spring Scrimmage).  I love being active but I have really bad sports hand-eye coordination so I stick to swimming, biking, & walking.

Lastly, In the past 6 years I’ve traveled to Chile, Korea, Jamaica, and India — all of which have influenced me in the kitchen (for better or worse).

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  1. Stefanie Romero permalink
    March 6, 2014 12:44 am

    Hi there, I am new to the fodmap world/ IBS world I guess. I was wondering how Pregnancy is with IBS and the FODMAP diet I was just recently diagnosed a few months ago. I have a 4 year old now and we would like to try for another but am now concerned on what that means for pregnancy? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

    • March 6, 2014 3:46 am

      Hi Stefanie! Well, everyone experiences IBS very differently, so I’m afraid to tell you what worked for me during pregnancy because you might be completely different! But here goes– in the first trimester, I was so nauseated and I had such bad food aversion, I had to give up the Low Fodmap diet all together just so I could eat SOMETHING. I ate pizza, ice cream, and all sorts of junk. Really, it was the only way I would eat at all. I did notice side-effects, but NOTHING compared to my normal IBS symptoms with high Fodmap foods. That’s probably because I was eating very little, in general. In the 2nd trimester when my food aversion was fading, my belly was also getting bigger so ANY bloating was irritating to my already stretching body. (Bloating and constipation are my biggest problems with IBS). I had to go back on Low Fodmap. But, working full-time while pregnant has had it’s challenges, so I haven’t been as strict as I normally am. I also am noticing less irritation with Lactose. That’s good because I am living off of mint chocolate chip ice cream in this pregnancy (it helps with heart burn so much!). So– in some ways I’ve been able to loosen up on my low Fodmap diet, and in other ways, I’ve had to tighten my restrictions. But, like I said, everyone experiences IBS and Low Fodmap so differently (and it seems to have it’s seasons, whether or not you’re pregnant), I hate to say how you might experience it! I hope that helps!

  2. November 24, 2014 2:09 am

    I love your blog. I am now trying the FODMAP diet because of IBS. My fiance also has a blog. Do you want to add links to each site?

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