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Ashley’s breakfast oat bars

March 2, 2014

I almost feel embarrassed regarding the first post about these bars. I have changed so many things involved in the making of these bars, I can’t imagine what they used to taste like!

I updated the recipe today to reflect some major enhancements. I really do enjoy the changes I’ve made and I hope you do too!

Thrifty Kitchen

Edited 3-2-2014:

I have made several adaptions to these bars over the years but I have recently enjoyed my adaptions far better than any others.  I updated this recipe today to reflect my favorite (and easiest) way to make these bars.  I find coconut milk to be my go-to milk substitute for these bars.  I have definitely noticed a difference btw coconut milk and almond milk in this recipe.  And, although I experimented with different nut butters, peanut butter remains absolutely essential to these bars tasting good.

My final recipe on here reflects a few priorities:  low fodmap (of course!), low sugar, good fats, as much protein as I can pack in, and great mouth-feel.  I hope you enjoy the updated version!

I literally eat these every single morning.

When I wake up, I need a cup of coffee and something to eat.  Because I am both very tired and…

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