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DIY Garlic Infused Olive Oil

July 31, 2012

Edit 3/2014: Don’t want to DIY?  You can find Garlic Oil at World Market (8 oz for $5.99), William Sonoma (17 oz. for $15.96), Plum Market (8 oz. for $8.39), or Kroger (7.2 oz for $5.99) located next to the LouAnn’s Coconut Oil in the baking aisle.

Thank you pinterest!  I tried this a few weeks ago and it worked great!  Easy, Delicious, & Cheap!  That’s how I like my cooking.  Original idea here

Wait, what?  Garlic???  Yes!  So, Garlic is definitely a no-no on the Low Fodmap diet.  However, there is a way to have your garlic and eat it too!  The Fructans in Garlic are Ogglio-saccahrides (the O in fodmap).  But, Ogglio-saccharides (and all fodmaps for that matter) are water-soluble.  In lay-man’s terms, that means that they only “break-up” in water.  They are not soluable in oil; they will not break up into oil.  So, if you infuse garlic into oil, all the yummy garlicy flavor will go into the oil but the fructans will not!  Use garlic-infused oil for whatever you want!

2 – 3 Heads Garlic, chopped in half

Slow cooker

Olive Oil

1.  Cut garlic heads in half

2. Place in slow cooker. (The smaller the cooker, the better)

3.  Cover the garlic with olive oil.

4.  Cook on LOW for 3 – 4 hours.  If it starts to boil, turn it off for a little while or turn it to WARM, if your cooker has that setting.  You want to avoid boiling.

* Feel free to use the cooked garlic to spread on bread for garlic bread for anyone in your family who can have garlic.  Yum!


Where I found it at Kroger:

Garlic-infused olive oil


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