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Coconut Nectar & Fodmap

June 23, 2012
Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Nectar

Unfortunately, it looks like Coconut Nectar is not a suitable sweetener for people on the low Fodmap diet.

One poster says:

“I contacted the company Coconut Secrets directly to know more about the sugar composition of coconut nectar/sugar to see if it contained mostly sucrose (like the SCD illegal maple syrup and white sugar), or mostly free glucose and fructose (like the SCD legal honey).

Here are the answer they provided: The sugar breakdown of the fresh coconut sap directly out of the tree is 0.5% glucose, 1.5% fructose, and 16% sucrose. However, when the excess liquid is evaporated from the fresh sap to make our Coconut Nectar or Crystals, the naturally occurring sugars become more concentrated (more so in the Crystals than the Nectar), which causes the percentage of glucose to increase to approximately 8-10%, the fructose 10-12%, and the sucrose increases to nearly 74%. The good news is that the presence of inulin and FOS (soluble fiber) are the key factors that maintain the glycemic index at an average of 35 GI.”

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