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Trader Joe’s Soft Peanut Brittle

February 8, 2012

Have you ever wandered down the frozen foods section at Trader Joe’s and wished you had a reason to buy the wonderful chocolates they have?  They sit there, tempting us, jogging our creative minds looking for a reason to invite people over so we can spend $5 on a bag of chocolate.

Well I’ve decided that I’m going to try a new bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate one after another and write my own reviews of them.  Enjoy my exploration!  This week:  Soft Peanut Brittle



  • It’s not very soft.
  • It’s almost identical to butterfingers in taste and texture. (Which I didn’t use to like as a kid, but I am really starting to love butterfingers)
  • Small, slightly bigger than a mini butterfinger.


  • Taste just like butterfingers.
  • They are delicious, very hard to only have one.  But I don’t mind that for 4 I eat 170 calories.
  • Very dense and rich in flavor.
  • They don’t remind me of peanut brittle at all


  • chop them up and place them on top of ice cream, in cookies, or on top of a cake.
  • Not exactly something I would automatically pair with coffee, but who doens’t enjoy chocolate and coffee?
  • I brought the bag to my bible study and they loved popping them in their mouth as we chatted together.
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